Brooke Bracy
Brooke BracySupermums Training, US Training Manager
Brooke Bracy is a mother of three young boys, and has worked remotely in tech for the last 8 plus years. Learning Salesforce skills helped Brooke transform her own career, and now she is passionate about helping others do the same as the US Training Manager for Supermums Training. Brooke is a Trailblazer and a champion for flexible/remote working, which she believes can lead to greater diversity in the workplace.

Title : Why Business Analysis Skills Are Key to Becoming an Awesome Admin

Duration : 20 Minutes

Description : Some (maybe many!) companies may not be investing enough time and money in business analysis. Salesforce admins can do better work when they embrace this role. Why isn’t enough business analysis work happening? Shortage of resources and time, and maybe in part because “”it’s not on the test.””

Rise to the occasion and become the awesome-est admin ever! More details will be included on how, along with some great resources. The idea for this session comes from Brooke’s experience of falling into Salesforce admin work in a company that wasn’t embracing best practices, rarely got enough stakeholder involvement or input, and didn’t invest enough in learning the user stories. Brooke was able to rise to the occasion and now helps others do the same as Training Manager for Supermums Training

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