David Giller
David GillerFormer Attorney turned Salesforce Consultant, Trainer & MVP. Dreamforce 2019 Keynote Speaker.
David Giller is a former attorney, who is currently a Salesforce consultant, trainer, MVP, consultant, Salesforce User Group Leader and CEO at Brainiate. David helps organizations to “make Salesforce easy” by training employees, identifying areas to improve the existing Salesforce configuration, and sharing best practices to help organizations get the most out of the Salesforce platform.

Title : 6 Steps to Optimize Your Salesforce Instance

Duration : 40 Minutes

Description : Congratulations! You’ve inherited a Salesforce org that looks like a bowl of spaghetti. You uncover multiple custom objects with duplicative names. You find custom roles and profiles named after people who are long gone. More than half of your users have System Admin permissions. You find Record types and Validation rules that no one understands. This type of technical debt leads to poor data quality and low adoption. The pain is real. During this session you will learn the 6 simple steps you need to follow to restore order, clarity and zen to your Salesforce instance. Your data and your colleagues will love you for it. You will leave this session empowered with a clear roadmap on tackling the beast and turn you into a Salesforce rockstar for your organization.