Astrid Feige
Astrid FeigeForce4U Ltd, Director
Joined the Salesforce consulting partner eco-system in 2006 and enjoyed it ever since. Founded Force4U Ltd in 2010 to help its customers to make the most of their Salesforce platform.

Title : Measure KPIs with Point & Click

Duration : 40 Minutes

Description : You cannot report on things that are not in Salesforce. Obvious? At first glance, yes. But: do you have the setup in place to report on your company’s KPIs? How do you measure the length of our sales cycle from lead created date to the date the opportunity was actually closed? How do you measure the development of number of open cases week-by-week? How do you track the duration of each step in your approval process? Learn how to leverage customisation & automation to answer management questions with reports.

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