David Claiborne
David ClaibornePrincipal at The Claiborne Company
I started The Claiborne Company in 1990 as an independent consulting company. Since 2004, I have been solely focused on salesforce.com.

My 15 seconds of fame came during the Dreamforce 2009 keynote when my client, Vetrazzo, was featured in a keynote presentation by Marc Benioff. Not only did my efforts change Vetrazzo, they also had a tremendous impact on salesforce.com. According to Esteban Kolsky,

In 2009 Vetrazzo, an SFDC customer, built ERP functions in force.com in one-third the time and cost of buying an ERP solution to run their organization. This was not done by SFDC [DC – it was all developed by me ] but it was heavily advertised by them once it was done. This proved that motivated customers with access to Force.com could do anything they wanted. – from “A Brief History of Salesforce1” – (full text here – estebankolsky.com/2013/12/a-brief-history-of-salesforce1/)

I have continued to do this – use force.com to do anything my clients wanted – for other clients, such as Cyan Inc. (now part of Ciena), Horizon (BlueCrossBlueShield of New Jersey), Hexagon Geospatial (an Intergraph Company), and Robinson Lumber Company in New Orleans. This, in turn, makes my clients’ businesses run more efficiently and more effectively using salesforce.com as a platform. I also support non-profit organizations, including the Louisiana Technology Council, the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music, Propeller, and Beacon of Hope, all in New Orleans.

I have been a certified Salesforce Certified Force.com Developer since 2011, and I have presented at Dreamforce on numerous occasions. I was the co-founder of the New Orleans Community Group.

The one guiding principle in the work that I do is “Make the easiest way the right way.” I bring over 30 years of being on the edge of technology to all my clients, making them more efficient, more effective, and more profitable.

Title : Track Customer Satisfaction with Salesforce Surveys

Duration : 20 Min

Description : Demonstrate how to quickly build a survey that tracks customer satisfaction automatically with Salesforce Surveys with NO CODE.

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