Judson Voss
Judson VossStrategic Marketing Consultant
Judson has been working in the digital marketing space for 15 years first with his own B2C company and then as a strategic marketing executive. For the last 4 years, he has been leveraging his experience in strategic marketing joined with being a Pardot SME to help organizations cast their marketing strategy and get the most from the Salesforce platform to reach their goals.

Title : Putting Why before What – Successful Strategic Pardot Implementations

Duration : 20 Minutes

Description : Have you taken the plunge to implement a marketing automation system like Pardot only to find 6 months later it hasn’t been adopted or worse your company is using it but there is a nagging sense of, “Am I leveraging it?” In this session we will map out the “why” of marketing automation so you can build a strategy to maximize your Pardot and Salesforce orgs and feel comfortable they are providing the maximum ROI for your companies strategic plans.

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