Adah KennedySalesforce SME
I am a Nigerian Born Canadian. Lived in England for many years. I have a degree in Architecture. A masters degree in Strategic IT management. I have a CCNA, I’m ITIL certified and have 5 Salesforce certifications. I have worked as a Salesforce admin for non profit, sales, consulting and technology firms. I am married with two kids! It’s a miracle to be where I am today!

Note: I think there is a little typo on this page just beneath the timeline section “ Why to wait ? Go ahead and submit your idea TODAY !!! ” I think it should read “ Why wait ? Go ahead and submit your idea TODAY !!!”

Title : Introvert to Salesforce SME

Duration : 20 Minutes

Description : I’d like to talk about my journey from an architect to a Salesforce SME as an introvert.😬

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