Gina Marques
Gina MarquesOwnBackup's CRM Manager in charge of the internal org. I'm looking to educate fellow admin/developers about the lessons I have learned regarding data management.
Gina has been on the Salesforce platform since Jan 2014 when starting a new position and the Salesforce Admin resigned 2 weeks in. She starting attending user group meetings to get skilled up and learn, and in May of 2018 became a co-leader of the Hamilton, NJ Admin Community Group. She is 3x certified, volunteers at events, and has spoken at Dreamforce 2019 for the first time. She was hooked upon the first login, and is currently the CRM Manager for OwnBackup the leading data protection and recovery ISV on the App Exchange.

Title : Data Strategies to Minimize User Inflicted Data Loss

Duration : 40 Minutes

Description : Data security is often something we procrastinate on, addressing only if we experience an issue. Have you thought about the impact a user-inflicted data loss or corruption could have on your business? With users and integrations constantly adding, modifying, and deleting data, there are risks all around your Salesforce org. Join this session to understand how easily an accident can happen, and ways to avoid it. You’ll leave this session with data protection strategies that you can implement immediately to minimize your business risk.

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