The world is digital, communicating to customers via electronic documents is a must. These customers expect a great experience in every channel and every interaction. With PDF Butler you can finally meet these expectations.

Building great looking e-docs does not need to be time consuming and expensive. However, most e-doc solutions out there do not support the business requirements. This turns the creation and maintenance into a tedious task. The final result is often not in line with the business vision but accepted as a compromise. Why you settle with less?

PDF Butler makes it possible that everyone can design the documents they envision in their favorite text editor: MS Word! Changing it is as easy as updating the Word Document and uploading it to PDF Butler. We support a very extensive list of MS Word features to empower all your use-cases.

In short, no more dull documents! Amaze your customers through your offers, quotes, contracts, and even bills.

PDF Butler in statistics:

Every PDF Butler release we focus on:

  • SPEED: sub-second generation
  • ADMINS first and perfect SFDC integration
  • CLEAN MS Word-template that holds no config
  • BUSINESS empowerment:
  • Lowering TESTING efforts: first time right
  • Support MULTI-language, MULTI-currency, MULTI-locale, MULTI-branding at the core
  • Fully EXTENSIBLE for all you developers out there that handle complex cases
  • SIGN Butler: add digital signatures to your process, manage and automate the full circle process directly from SFDC.
  • COLLABORATION Butler: With COLLABORATION Butler, your Salesforce record is dynamically linked to the SharePoint or OneDrive folder to create a perfect 360° view. Generate & Collaborate in your favorite tools,, PDF Butler, SharePoint, and MS Teams.