The career of a Salesforce Administrator offers a rapidly changing set of both incredibly
rewarding and challenging experiences. In addition to the primary responsibility of
managing their company Salesforce platform, many Admins also take on other
responsibilities like documentation, training, and even business process consulting.
With a full plate of responsibilities, Admins are looking for any possible way to increase
productivity so they can continue to remain responsive while providing mission-critical

At Metazoa we built an organization dedicated to providing Salesforce Administrators
with the productivity tools they need to meet their goals. Our application Snapshot
touches on many pain points for Admins, including release management, data
migration, Org documentation, Org clean up, and profile and permission set
management. With its comprehensive suite of tools, Snapshot allows Admins to
address the full spectrum of Org lifecycle requirements. This means that their Orgs are
well documented, free of technical debt, and have a cleanly managed security model
before they enter the release process with Snapshot’s clicks-not-code release
management tools.

Our recently launched application Monarch takes all of the powerful data migration
capabilities of Snapshot and delivers them in a standalone tool that is easy to use and
targeted for all of an Admin’s data migration needs. By automatically maintaining
relationships between data, Monarch eliminates many of the post-deploy steps
traditionally associated with Salesforce data migration. It compliments this capability
with other key features, including data scrambling, field mapping, and automatic
template generation for packages like CPQ, Field Services Lightning, and

We don’t stop at providing great tools for Administrators. We also provide high touch
support and unlimited personalized training for both of our applications at no additional
cost. So if you are an Admin looking for ways to become more productive while
managing your Salesforce Orgs, Metazoa provides the tools and service needed to get
you over the finish line.

Try our tools for free on the AppExchange. Get a complete Org management solution
with Snapshot or relational data migration with Monarch.

Tom Appleton

VP, Sales