Ascent Cloud formed as a Sales Enablement + Performance Management Suite suited to bring the modern sales team into the future. Powered by two industry-leading solutions, Geopointe and LevelEleven, Ascent Cloud is able to provide end-to-end solutions that address the challenges sales and customer-facing leaders face on a daily basis.

Geopointe was founded over 10 years ago as the leading Geolocation solution on Salesforce AppExchange. LevelEleven launched in 2012, acting as the leading Performance Management solution. These companies have been sister companies since late 2017, with teams working closely together and even across companies at times. Bringing these two teams together seemed an obvious decision to better serve current and future customers.

Mission – What Ascent Cloud Does

As an industry-leading solution for sales and customer-facing teams that enhance their CRM and empowers leaders to improve performance, Ascent Cloud is an end to end solution for all teams.

Beyond that, Ascent Cloud is made up of a team of professionals who are passionate about helping sales and customer-facing teams improve each and every day. Their customer base spans different industries, use cases, and company sizes.

Solutions – How Ascent Cloud Can Help

Ascent Cloud provides a multitude of solutions to help all kinds of teams find success and improve productivity. With the combined capabilities of Geopointe and LevelEleven, organizations can find the perfect solution with Ascent Cloud.

  • Geolocation & Maps Ascent Cloud has the power to help you locate any Salesforce data, anywhere in the world. Put your data on the map with the power of Geopointe, giving you the big picture using advanced visualization and filtering capabilities to identify trends and patterns you never knew existed.
  • Performance Scorecards Reinforce behaviors that lead to results with Performance Scorecards that allow you to find out immediately if team members are falling off pace with real-time KPI tracking as they are updating Salesforce. This empowers leaders and reps to course-correct sooner so the team can get back on track and achieve its goals.
  • Assignment Plans Optimize field team operations with Assignment Plans. Assignment Plans allow you to create geographic areas and automatically identify the records that fall within them. Every Assignment Plan consists of Assignment Areas where you can manage and assign territories to users.
  • Coaching & Onboarding Coach and onboard with structure and consistency using Coaching powered by LevelEleven. Coaching templates and cadences allow managers to get their reps up to speed, faster, and develop their skills.
  • Route Planning Maximize time in the field with optimized routes. Create optimized route plans in Salesforce and access them anytime, anywhere, whether on mobile or desktop.
  • TV Broadcasts Broadcast real-time performance alerts with Channel11 TV Broadcasts to motivate with competition and recognition. Build a culture of accountability and recognition by displaying performance scorecard metrics, personalized goal achievement, and sales leaderboards via Channel11.
  • Gamification & Leaderboards Motivate with healthy competition. Create contests in minutes and share leaderboards on the big screen (or event desktop when working remote) to harness the power of positive competition with sales gamification.
  • Live Tracking View real-time vehicle locations, driver data, and vehicle behavior with 25+ key data points such as mileage, braking, and distance traveled. This allows management to access daily summaries, trip details, and check-in / check-out history to better manage their team and operations.
  • Executive Scorecard Insights for sales leaders – get a top-down view of your organization’s most important activities and metrics. Drill down to easily compare business units, regions, teams, or other groupings’ performance against goals.
  • Calendar-Based Scheduling Streamline your scheduling process and manage any user’s schedule with geographic insight using Geopointe’s dynamic Calendar-Based Scheduling interface. This feature lets you visualize scheduled travel plans and update events or appointments right from the map.

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