The tool that will leave your Salesforce Admin dreamin….

Years ago Titan entered the Salesforce market and today it has become a dream tool for any Salesforce entity. Why? – let’s go back into a user story meeting. Bunch of stakeholders, some admins and developers. I want to build a portal and integrate docsign and have everything working together and then read/write Salesforce in real time. Oh and I also want payment integration with forms.

CEO: And I want it done in a month – can you do it?

Developer: Yes, It can be done but with code and I will need couple of months.

Admin: Why I am even in this meeting? “Some day. When I have the coding knowledge, I’m going to build everything by myself”

Project Manager: I think we will need about 3-5 different apps that can perform all the things required, do we even have the budget? can we support all apps after deployment? different vendors , different support. The headache and pain of being a project manager eh?


How many Salesforce Apps does it take to build portals, powerful document generation, scheduler, maps, digital signatures and multi-object dynamic forms with built-in payment integration?

Answer: One | It requires NO CODE | Titan

When we read reviews like this on our appexchange: “I’m a Salesforce developer for the last five years and since I found out about Titan I hardly code!” It really sums up Titan and why it’s a dream for any business using Salesforce.

What is Titan?
Titan is a no code PAAS for Salesforce. Our mission is to bring together people from all parts of the ecosystem and empower them with tools so they can build anything with clicks only. With the power of Salesforce and Titan combined anyone can easily build: Salesforce Portals, Dynamic Forms, Document Generation, Maps, Calendars, Digital Signatures and more without having to write a single line of code. Our secret sauce? Read and Write from
Salesforce in realtime.