Good so I got your attention.

What do you think separates a good from a great professional? Their number of certs or the Trailhead badges? The hours they spend completing multiple-choice questions? Facts they can recall? According to studies by the likes of Google, Harvard and Stanford, all of these only contribute 10%-15% to success. Don’t get me wrong; the so-called hard or vocational skills are essential, but not as important as you might think. 

What is the other 85% that determines success then?

What makes you truly successful in your role, and this applies to Admins, Consultants, Developers and Architects; are your “soft” skills! They are foundational, wide-ranging and influence everything we do, both personally and professionally. Starting with how you view, treat and engage with ourselves and other people to the way we think, analyse and make decisions. In essence, how we communicate, influence and lead. Think about it for a second. What use is the solution that doesn’t solve the customer’s actual problem because we didn’t ask the right questions? Or if we can’t explain it and articulate the benefits? What about the many times, sprints, releases or entire projects that got delayed or failed because of wrong decisions?   

Certs and badges are the beginning, but success awaits you beyond by mastering yourself, your soft skills and becoming holistic. They are what separates good from great. But the truth about soft skills is, they are the hardest ones to learn and excel in; you can’t just read up on them or watch a video. They require a sound strategy, continuous practice and a good mentor.

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