Giovanni Modica
Giovanni ModicaSenior Technical Architect
Giovanni Modica is a Salesforce Application and System Architect, with more than 7 years of experience delivering Salesforce projects and solutions. He’s passionate about technology and enjoys not only designing and architecting solutions but also developing them. He loves challenges, especially integration challenges, and he’s always learning and working on improving his skillset

Title : Lessons Learned from a Salesforce-Heroku Implementation

Duration : 40 Minutes

Description : If your Salesforce implementation has to deal with millions of records, there’s a big chance you will end up considering Heroku and Salesforce Connect to offload some data. These technologies are great, but they come up with some considerations. In this session I will talk about the lessons I learned from a successful Salesforce-Heroku implementation. I will explain what those considerations are and how to overcome them, and mention some tips and tricks that will help you build great solutions. If your next project involves Heroku, you better know this stuff

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