Scott Wells
Scott WellsFounder / President
Founder / President
Rose Silver Software, LLC
Illuminated Cloud

Title : Demo of Latest Features of Illuminated Cloud with Q&A

Duration : 40 Min

Description :

Illuminated Cloud brings the modern feature set of JetBrains’ powerful IDEs to Salesforce development. Illuminated Cloud not only saves you time with its intelligent auto-completion for all Salesforce programming languages and metadata types, but it also recognizes issues in your code and offers suggestions for how to correct them. With Illuminated Cloud’s refactoring capabilities, you’ll be able to own and evolve your Salesforce code base like never before.

Illuminated Cloud provides full support for traditional and Salesforce DX development models—against both scratch orgs and non-scratch orgs—allowing you to flow seamlessly between the various models in a single tool. Because Illuminated Cloud extends JetBrains’ powerful IDEs, you can leverage their extensive capabilities including best-in-class Web application development features (commercial IDEs only), seamless version control integration, and first-class integrations with task management and bug tracking systems.

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