David Reed
David ReedSenior Member of Technical Staff, Release Engineering, Salesforce.org
David is a Senior Member of Technical Staff, Release Engineering at Salesforce.org. He is 9x certified on the Salesforce platform and specializes in Apex development, Python, and development lifecycle. Also, he’s a moderator on Salesforce Stack Exchange.

Title : Effective Lifecycle Management with Portable Automation and CumulusCI

Duration : 40 Min

Description : Portable automation takes the sophisticated build, setup, and test automation used in continuous integration and makes it available everywhere in the application’s lifecycle, for admins, developers, testers, product managers, and support engineers. It’s what lets Salesforce.org develop dozens of managed packages and set up thousands of orgs every month without hitting roadblocks in shared environments or bogging down in infrastructure management.

We’ll explore how to create portable automation with CumulusCI, a free, open source tool that builds on Salesforce DX to automate scratch org setup and configuration, seed data into sandboxes and scratch orgs, and deploy apps between environments. We’ll look at the “org problem”, the challenges holding teams back from using effectively applying CI and other development best practices, and how to use portable automation to solve them. And in a live demo, we’ll go from zero to fully-automated managed package in less than fifteen minutes.

Whether you’re an end user, consultant, or ISV, you’ll leave with a roadmap for enabling your teams to move fast and innovate without breaking things, while you take your app (or your org) into the next generation of release and change management.

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