Tarandeep Singh
Tarandeep SinghWorking as a Demo Engineer at Salesforce, India, a Technical Youtuber & blogger, public speaker
“Hi, my name is Tarandeep Singh from Delhi currently living in Hyderabad. I am a software engineer by passion and profession with 5+ years of experience working on multiple technologies which includes Java, Salesforce, Android, Mendix, CMS Tools (WordPress, Opencart, Prestashop) and IoT,AI & Voice .

Currently I am working with Salesforce as a Salesforce Demo Engineer where my role is to build demos for our potential customers and AppExchange apps.

If I talk about my hobbies, I like bike riding, photography, playing basketball and of course writing code. I also love writing blogs and creating youtube videos to share my experience and knowledge with the community. Connect with me on”

Title : Build your first Heroku App with LWC Open Source

Duration : 20 Min

Description : Want to leverage the power of the Lightning Web Components to build blazing fast enterprise apps? LWC Open Source which is a recent launch by Salesforce is a powerful tool to build fast, versatile web components and apps. Join us for this session where we introduce LWC Open Source and learn how to create an app which pulls data from Salesforce and then deploy it on Heroku all in realtime.

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