Anayo Oleru
Anayo OleruChief Technical Officer at OneKiosk Africa
Anayo Oleru is a Chief Technical Officer at OneKiosk Africa, a hyper-local e-commerce company that connects African vendors to buyers very close to them, within the shortest range of time.

Apart from working as a Software Engineer, he is an open-source contributor and contributor to StackOverflow helping people who raise questions about React-Native, NodeJs or React. He is also an online instructor on YouTube where he features online React-Native tutorials.

Anayo has a deep passion for building solutions that solve real-world problems and inspiring people. He also loves music and sports, particularly football.

Title : Differences Between a Junior, Mid-Level, and Senior Developer

Duration : 40 Minutes

Description : Years of programming experience does not solely have to mean you’re a junior, mid-level or senior developer. There are junior developers who are way older than in years of experience than a senior developer. The difference, how to identify a developer who falls within those levels and steps to take to become a get to the next level is what I’ll be talking about in this talk. At the end of the talk, junior, mid-level, and senior developers will be able to determine if they are really what they claim to be and what to do to help them get to that level

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