Maninder Singh
Maninder SinghAccenture | Salesforce Consultant | Automation Enthusiast | Salesforce Extensions Developer
I work as a Salesforce Lead Developer with Accenture and have more than 7 yrs of experience in CRM domain. As an automation enthusiast I create tools and utilities which help teams and clients be more productive and efficient. I have delivered trainings and technical sessions within the companies I have worked in.

Title : Create Salesforce Browser Extensions To Be A Productive Ninja

Duration : 40 Minutes

Description : Join us in this session as we walk you through how to create your first Chrome extension for Salesforce. These extensions are plug and play as you do not need to deploy any components in your orgs to use them. If there is a need to automate or to overcome a limitation in Salesforce, browser extensions are to your rescue.

We will show demos of some powerful feature loaded Salesforce browser extensions and the limitations that they overcome. You will walk away with enough knowledge to create your own extension and have great tips and tricks to make you more productive than ever.

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