Tarandeep Singh
Tarandeep SinghWorking as a Demo Engineer at Salesforce - India, a Technical Youtuber & blogger, public speaker
Hi, my name is Tarandeep Singh from Delhi currently living in Hyderabad. I am a software engineer by passion and profession with 5+ years of experience working on multiple technologies which includes Java, Salesforce, Android, Mendix, CMS Tools (WordPress, Opencart, Prestashop) and IoT,AI & Voice .

Currently I am working with Salesforce as a Salesforce Demo Engineer where my role is to build demos for our potential customers and AppExchange apps.

If I talk about my hobbies, I like bike riding, photography, playing basketball and of course writing code. I also love writing blogs and creating youtube videos to share my experience and knowledge with the community. Connect with me on below links.

Title : Connect your industry to cloud using IoT & Salesforce

Duration : 20 Min

Description : This session is for developers to learn how they can develop IoT solutions connected to Salesforce platform. Agenda of session includes –

1. Introduction to IoT & IoT devices/sensors

2. Introduction to Platform Events

3.Developing IoT solutions using RaspberryPi or Arduino boards

4. Connecting IoT solution to Salesforce for sending events & storing logs

5. Filtering IoT data from multiple devices at multiple customers using Heroku

6. Sending events to IoT devices using Platform event

7. How IoT & Einstein are great combination for companies.

This session will give an overview of IoT & Salesforce Platform. Also, in the session will build a demo using temperature sensors for a manufacturing/transport industry to make alerts & actions based when temperature increases. This session will make developers ready working with IoT & connecting Salesforce with IoT

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