Bhavana Singh
Bhavana SinghSolution Architect at Three Moons Consulting
Bhavana Singh is a Salesforce MVP and a golden hoodie winner. She has many years of software development experience. Bhavana has worn many hats in her career but identifies with the developer/architect role the best. Her educational background is in Electronics Engineering and Computer Science and she has had many interesting jobs from NASA’s command and control center to the trading floor of a hedge fund. A Salesforce community lover, Bhavana leads the Maryland WIT group and is a RAD Women coach since 2017. When she grows up, she wants to be a winemaker.

Title : Clean code to make Uncle Bob proud!

Duration : 40 Minutes

Description : We spend more time reading our code than writing it. So doesn’t it make sense that our code is clean, precise and easy to read? In this session we discuss how to take a code written in a hurry and apply best practices to refactor and clean it up. We will take a messy piece of code and step by step clean it up.

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