Shane Smyth
Shane SmythHorizontal - Practice Lead
Shane has been in the Salesforce ecosystem for over 7 years with a focus on solution architecture, with a recent release of a cross-cloud app exchange package.

Title : Building a SaaS business on Heroku

Duration : 40 Minutes

Description : Are you a technology-loving, Shark Tank-watching, aspiring entrepreneur? As more and more customer data is consolidated to Salesforce, opportunities go far beyond improving customer experience–innovators also have a huge opportunity to create new products and applications that solve business problems.

As entrepreneurs and companies alike seek to unlock the power of Customer 360, Heroku may be more valuable than ever. While SaaS has traditionally been built on custom frameworks and IaaS, this approach can be incredibly complex. Luckily, if you need to tap into Salesforce data, Heroku let’s you build, dilver, monitor and scale faster than ever.

In this session, we’ll take you from idea to go-live of building a SaaS application on Heroku. We’ll demo how our team approached application development, database management and integration, monitoring and analytics for our most recent AppExchange release. We’ll also discuss how to:

– Avoid roadblocks to watch out for when building SaaS

Build for scale

– Tackle multi-tenant architecture

– Determine if Heroku Connect or custom integration is right for you

– Choose the right languages

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