John Daniel
John DanielSalesforce Architect and Practice Lead for B3 Group Inc
John has been working in the technology sector for over 20 years. During that time, he has worked in a variety of technologies and project roles. Currently, he is a Salesforce Architect and Practice Lead for B3 Group Inc. He is a Salesforce MVP and holds multiple Salesforce certifications, including Platform Developer II and most of the Technical Architect Designer certifications. He is currently working toward becoming a Certified Technical Architect. He is active contributor on several open source projects such as FFLIB Apex Mocks, FFLIB Apex Commons, Force-DI, AT4DX, and the DomainBuilder Framework. He co-leads his local Salesforce Developers User Group

Title : Architectural Considerations to Implementing DX and 2nd Generation Packaging

Duration : 40 Min

Description : “Breaking up the ‘Happy Soup’ to a more modular design”

As architects of larger orgs start to evaluate how they adopt Salesforce DX and Second Generation Packaging, there are lots of things to consider.

* What are the things that are important to consider?
* How to understand if you really need to transition?
* How do you modularize your codebase?
* How to identify success? It is not the goal to create a DX package…. It needs to be sustainable long term
* How can concepts like “separation of concerns”, properly layer code, and dependency injection help.
* How can open source frameworks like Apex Enterprise Patterns help?

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