Carl Brundage
Carl BrundageMaster Architect | CTA | MVP Odaseva
Carl is a Certified Technical Architect, Salesforce MVP, Developer Group Leader, speaker and blogger.  He is passionate about data, analytics and software’s ability to solve business challenges. Professionally, he holds 30 Salesforce certifications, a PMP, MBA and is a Salesforce Certified Instructor for Analytics.

Title : 10 Steps to Building Awesome Architect Artifacts

Duration : 20 Minutes

Description : Are you an Architect looking for better ways to convey your solutions to stakeholders? Building System Landscape and Object Model diagrams are a key tool in the Architect’s tool belt. Learn the 10 steps needed to construct information dense artifacts that communicate a complete picture to others.

In this interactive session, a CTA will walk you through the process to build diagrams from a set of example requirements. This session will provide insight into the way to think through building diagrams, and reasons behind each item on an artifact. You will learn the tips and tricks that transform your diagrams from ordinary to extraordinary.

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