Jannis Bott
Jannis BottDirector | CTA | Advisory Board Member
Jannis is an experienced leader & technologist that focusses on achieving the best business outcomes by leading clients through their digital transformations.

He excels in leading and influencing C-level stakeholders in designing the vision on how to approach large and multinational transformation projects and delivering those through leading globally distributed teams.

He has over 10 years of experience in the Salesforce ecosystems and has led some of the largest organisations through their digital transformation.

Today, he teaches some of the architecture classes at Salesforce, coaches the next generation of CTA’s and runs a Salesforce & Integration consulting business in APAC.

Title : Top 9 considerations when transitioning from a Developer to an Architect

Duration : 40 Min

Description : In this session, we will look at the top 9 considerations that are crucial to being a successful architect on the Salesforce platform. Even more, I will share approaches on what to focus on if you are a developer on the journey to becoming an architect and what the key expectations and differences are.

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