Isabella Zaczek
Isabella ZaczekChief Peace Broker @ IZ Consulting
Isabella Zaczek is a German native who moved to Colorado in 2011 to lead a global customer operations team for a Fortune 500 company.  Having worked in telecommunications for 18 years in Europe and the USA, supporting over 250 top global brands across 5 continents and 10 industries, she realized that most businesses were making things harder for themselves by over-engineering processes and systems rather than keeping it simple, causing stale profit growth and employee turnover.

Title : Tales of a German Building Diverse Teams Across All Time Zones

Duration : 20 Min

Description : What does it mean to lead globally?

When a company expands into global markets there are competitors, rules, and regulations.

But what about your internal structure and organization.

The talk will highlight how to build sustainable and diverse teams who produce results and make a difference using the philosophy to work towards one goal 80% of the time and allow 20% for local needs, customs and quirks.

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