Meera Nair
Meera NairEnterprise Solutions Architect - UST Global Inc.
I started my salesforce career in 2008 as a developer, and I got the opportunity to handle multiple roles throughout my career like Business System Analyst, Technical Lead and currently handling the role of an Architect. In this 12 years journey I got opportunity to work with multiple clients and improve my knowledge and also improve their business by implementing smart salesforce solutions to support their business needs. Also I have trained around 50 freshers in salesforce and all of them are working in different companies around the world. I have taken presentations in local Trivandrum Admin Group and Developer Group. I have received lots of opportunities throughout my career, only because of my salesforce knowledge, otherwise it is unimaginable for a girl from a remote village in India. So I would like to take this opportunity to go to next level in my career by sharing my experiences and knowledge with rest of the salesforce world.

Title : Salesforce Solution Design – Performance considerations

Duration : 20 Minutes

Description : “Recently for one of our fortune 50 client, I was assigned to improve performance on page load and also on record save. As part of this we have done a detailed analysis and improved salesforce performance by 40% with various design changes. So I would like to share all our learnings from this 1 year exercise with all salesforce developers and Architects. The major areas I would like to cover is:

Process Builder Vs Trigger Vs Flow Vs InvocableMethods

• Mainly when to use what

• Order of execution

• Process Builder and flow => SOQL and DML consumption details

• CPU time used

Query performance Improvement


• Filters, indexing, skinny Tables

• Query plan Tool usage

• Relationship query

Usage of asynchronous Operations to improve record save time

• Asynchronous Triggers

• @future

• Page load Performance

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