Andrew Davis
Andrew DavisAuthor, Mastering Salesforce DevOps
Andrew is the author of Mastering Salesforce DevOps. A 16x Certified Salesforce architect, developer, and product manager, he has focused full-time on improving teams’ ability to deliver innovation for the last five years. A popular and experienced teacher and public speaker, Andrew brings humor and clarity even to the most complex topics.

Title : Mastering Salesforce DevOps

Duration : 40 Minutes

Description : We spend so much time focusing on WHAT we’re building, we often don’t have time to look at HOW we build. DevOps brings together decades of collective wisdom on how teams can deliver innovation in a sustainable and reliable way. Salesforce is a very different platform, and demands a special approach. Learn key concepts to help yourself, your team, and your company maximize your creativity and responsiveness.

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