Shane Smyth
Shane SmythHorizontal - Practice Lead
Shane has been in the Salesforce ecosystem for over 7 years with a focus on solution architecture, with a recent release of a cross-cloud app exchange package.

Title : Marketing Cloud’s No-Code Preference Center

Duration : 40 Minutes

Description : If you’ve received an email, you’re probably familiar with the link at the bottom that allows you to unsubscribe. But are you as familiar with the next link over that reads “manage your preferences?” These lesser-seen links send users to handy landing pages called “preference centers.” And while Unsub Central reports that preference centers can improve unsubscribe rates by up to 76%, they’re still the much-less-known email footer link. Why is this? Well, if you’re a Marketing Cloud user, you probably know the native preference center doesn’t quite cut it in this modern customer-experience-centered world. And custom preference centers are notoriously difficult to build and maintain. But what if we told you there was an easier way to improve your unsubscribe rate and improve email personalization? Enter: the No Code Preference Center.

We’ve developed a solution that enables Salesforce admins and marketers to easily control what types of content and how their customers subscribe. With this easy-to-install solution, preference centers are managed with clicks, not code, giving you the data you need to improve segmentation, personalization, and content curation.

In this session, we’ll demo the No Code Preference center and showcase how we’re transforming opt-out pages into “Experience Centers” that help brands understand customers interests.

We’ll also discuss best practices around preference centers, answering questions such as:

– What should you be asking your customer base?

– How should you be using the collected information for the best customer experience?

– What is the right level of subscription granularity?

If you’re like most people in the Marketing Cloud world, you’re probably wondering how we’re doing this? How are we creating a single view of a customer through preference centers? If you want the answer, join us for the session!

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