Paul McCollum
Paul McCollumPaul McCollum, UXMC, Sense Corp Salesforce Consultant
A very early computing adopter, Paul has been programming for almost 40 years, writing his first lines of code in the 2nd grade. The past 20 years have been focused on the Portal space starting by hand with Notepad and Vi. he has served as an Enterprise Architect and Application Development Leader in Retail, Banking, Real Estate and Telecom. His current focus is around empowering power users and IT pros with scalable development solutions or with highly accessible JavaScript and jQuery. In his spare time, Paul studies cognitive psychology of web design, focusing on HCI and UX, recently attaining his Master certification in User Experience from NN/g. He’s currently a consultant for Sense Corp.

Title : Managing Large amounts of Data with Salesforce (Keeping, Sending, Sharing)

Duration : 40 Minutes

Description : The ability for Salesforce to handle large workloads and participate in the high-consumption mobile-application-powering technologies continue to evolve. Pub/sub models and the incorporation of adjacent properties like Mulesoft and Heroku-hosted-Kafka has broadened the development scope of Salesforce from internal and in-platform applications to fueling world-scale mobile applications and integrations but guidance on the extended capabilities isn’t well understood.

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