Richard Clark
Richard ClarkProvar Testing, CTO
Richard has spent over 30 years in IT but surprisingly still hasn’t retired. He stays mentally fit by constantly taking on new challenges, we won’t talk about physical fitness. As CTO of Provar Testing he is responsible for product development of the #1 test automation tool for Salesforce. Automation of repetitive manual tasks is a passion along with practical design and improving customer and employee experience. He’s also been a co-organiser of the Salesforce London UK Dev Group as long as anyone can remember.

Title : DevOps Top 10 Tips

Duration : 40 Minutes

Description : Over the last few years the maturity of Salesforce implementations has continued to evolve as more and more companies are using Salesforce as a critical business system at the heart of their IT landscape. With this dependency has come a greater degree of rigour and process needed when managing updates to customer orgs.

In this session I will cover my top tips for a successful Salesforce DevOps approach to managing changes. Starting with the options for effective source control (and what constitutes org source code), through to options for managing deployments, recommended environment patterns, effective CI and CD, types of testing and finally ongoing org monitoring.

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