Allison Park
Allison ParkPrincipal Enterprise Architect at Salesforce
Allison has spent the last decade as a Salesforce Customer, Partner and now an Employee. She has worked with all sizes and types of businesses and orgs. Finding particular joy in creating order from disorder, she is passionate about helping IT leverage the entire Salesforce Platform. Allison is a Chicago native and loves attending #SalesforceSaturday and hanging out with her #ChicagOhana! When she is not Salesforcing, you can find Allison sailing on Lake Michigan and enjoying life with her husband, teenage daughter and their dog, Jack.

Title : Declutter the Org: KonMari your Org to spark joy!

Duration : 20 Min

Description : After a few years, any Salesforce org can run the risk of building up clutter. You know, fields that aren’t used, validation rules that may be redundant, and custom apps that simply aren’t needed. Users may have gotten used to looking past them or using work-arounds to deal with them because it simply isn’t at the top of the list to address. This clutter cuts down the efficiency of the org and makes it considerably less than joyful for anyone (especially an admin or dev) to work in it. Therefore, let’s apply the simple rules of KonMari which has revitalized the way we live in our own homes to our own orgs and see what joy it sparks! You will come away with solid tactics to clean up your org and keep the tech debt on the run.

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