Marianne Langridge
Marianne LangridgeFounder and CEO of Sustainable Synthesis Limited - a Public Benefit Company
Dr. Marianne Langridge has been supporting organizations to effectively develop and deploy digital tools for 25 years. With a passion for the power of data and technology to enable all of the dimensions of sustainability, she specializes in aligning technology with business processes and organizational culture to enable value creation and beneficial impacts. Her philosophy for success is grounded in a systems approach to problem solving which addresses inter-relationships between physical, social, technological, political, economic and scientific factors that impact quality of life. She truly believes that it is necessary to build broader understanding across diverse perspectives in order to illuminate solutions. Following a 20 year career as an executive with an infrastructure engineering firm, where she first began as a user of, she took a leap of faith in herself to found a new Public Benefit Corporation, Sustainable Synthesis Limited with the mission of supporting organizations to synthesize and sustain the connections needed to solve our toughest challenges.

Title :Building Trust to Enable Success

Duration : 20 Minutes

Description : Data is powerful. Machine assisted learning and analytical decision support capabilities have world changing potential. Why then is it so hard for technology to achieve the impact we know it could? How can we address the daunting challenges and inequity facing our world today – and achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals? Build trust.

It is no secret that trust is lacking between technology companies, government and the general public. Inequality has roots in fear, and fear is the absence of trust. If we all stop to consider some basic principles, we can find our way to a collective solution. It will not be easy, it will take time, it will take honest, open conversation, empathy, listening… things that only humans can do. Yet it can be done if we dive in and start to change the conversation and peel back the armor that gets between people and the tools available to them. This discussion will merge key concepts from the fields of psychology, technology, physics and innovation to shine light on what it will take to succeed in unleashing the potential of technology to provide for all.

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