Marcelo Caponi
Marcelo CaponiRegional Salesforce Solutions Architect at Pernod Ricard EMEA
Marcelo Caponi is a Salesforce Solutions Architect, with more than 8 years of delivering Salesforce solutions. He is crazy about learning new technologies and apply them in real scenarios. Currently, he is leading a large Salesforce implementation involving 20 affiliates across EMEA. His main focus is on designing complex Integrations, Governance, and Release Management

Title : Best Practices for ERP Integration

Duration : 40 Minutes

Description : Integrating Salesforce with multiple ERP systems in the same organization can be tricky without the proper architecture.

This session will provide guidance on how to leverage the webhooks mechanism in Salesforce for ERP Integration.

It will also help you think through Error Handling and best practices in Integrations like Canonical Data Model and API-first approach.

For anyone looking to increase automation between Salesforce and ERP systems based on best practices, this session is for you!

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