Bill Appleton
Bill AppletonCTO of Metazoa
Bill Appleton is a leading expert on authoring tools, API services, and smart client applications. He has designed and written approximately three dozen professional software publications, including the first rich media authoring tool World Builder in 1984, the ground breaking multimedia programming language SuperCard in 1989, the worldwide best selling CD-ROM Titanic in 1996, the first AppExchange application DreamTeam in 2005, the first serverless API Platform DreamFactory in 2013, and Snapshot Org Management for Salesforce in 2018.

Title : Profile and Permission Set Management

Duration : 40 Minutes

Description :Profiles and Permission Sets must be managed carefully in order to maintain Org security and ensure that Users can do their job effectively. Salesforce is introducing exciting new technology in the Spring ’20 release that will revolutionize how an Admin can organize the permissions in their Org. Permission Set Groups promises to reduce the dependence on Profiles and provide greater clarity and agility for all permission assignments.

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